Card Conditions


Near Mint to Excellent

Cards that are sold on MTGGTM should be considered to be within the Near Mint to Excellent range. Any wear should not be noticeable from afar or through sleeves. Cards under this condition may have:

Minor surface scratches that are confined to a small are and do not appear white.

Minor foil scratches that do not reveal the silver foil layer.

Minimal nicks on the border or corner of a card.

Minimal amount of clouding.

Minor colour variations or misprints.



Played, Heavily Played and Damaged

We do not sell Played or worse condition cards on MTGGTM except in some specified bulk lots. The following are examples of conditions that place a card in the Played or lower range.


Moderate corner bending, wear or compression


Border wear beyond small nicks



Whitening on card face



Bent cards



Signed or stamped cards


Foil silvering











In addition any shuffle creasing, misprints or inking will cause a card to be Played, Heavily Played or Damaged.